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from Tiffany

Owner + CEO

Style Couture Events

It may seem like we (wedding planners) are all alike. We say we plan weddings. We design weddings. We relieve stress. We take anxiety away. Yada, yada, yada. Let’s face it. All of that is duplicatable.


What’s missing? It’s what I call the juice. The real deal. The niddy griddy. Why do I invest in services that others would not dream of doing? Because I’m just that, a dreamer. And I want those I plan for to dream, too. To know you deserve the very best dream you can imagine. My close friend says the other day about the first day in a long time that she got to sleep in, that all before 9 AM she, went boating with her friend Giles, attended Brett Gregory’s event (loved the parachute entry), appeared in an episode of Modern Family, hung out with her daughter (doing facials and laughing up a storm), threw the best layout on trapeze that she’s ever done (trapeze is seriously her hobby), and bought a gorgeous blue candle for her home. Really Allison, really?!


I love it.


This is where dreams begin. Our team of  “wedding dream experts” are here to cater to your dreams and create new dreams, all before 9 AM! If you want your weddings and events to be memorable, meaningful and magical, then let’s dream about it together and make it happen.




Tiffany, Owner + CEO


Are you ready to plan your dream wedding day?
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