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Before my boyfriend proposed, I knew I wanted to have Tiffany plan our wedding!  If you have never met this woman in person, just trust me when I say that she is a bright shining light that you will never forget!  I think we had been engaged for about 2 days when I called Tiffany and told her the big news.  She was almost as excited as we were!  From the beginning, the wedding plans were all about us.  She had all kinds of ideas and helpful suggestions, but they were always offered with the supportive feeling that whatever we decide is the best choice for us.  

Tiffany worked with our styles like nobody else could.  Both of us are musicians, so much of our ceremony and reception was very artistically based, from the music to the colors to the invitation designs.  Tiffany created those little details that made our wedding a grand event.  If I had been left to do everything, it probably would have ended up with paper napkins and plastic forks.  Tiffany was able to pull together quality party essentials with flair and taste.  It's just the little things she did, like how she set up the place cards, or laminating our Wedding Day Schedules (I still carry mine in my purse!) or even just the way the tables were set up.  (Our head table looked absolutely fabulous!)  

I think my favorite detail was this:  Early on in the planning, I had told Tiffany that my fiance loves Jordan Almonds.  We had to have Jordan Almonds at each table.  After the ceremony, we sat down at our table, and there, right between us, discreetly presented for us to share, was a little bowl of Jordan Almonds.  She hadn't forgotten!  It meant so much to me that she remembered a tiny thing I had said a month before, but she knew that it was an important detail that should be remembered.

Our wedding was magical.  In every sense of the word.  It was magical.  Tiffany's sense of style and overflowing heart created beautiful memories that we will never forget. I was completely at ease the entire weekend, knowing that everything was taken care of.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

Andi and Scott

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